Atlas XL Baseboard Coupler-

Atlas XL Baseboard Cover Coupler

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Atlas XL Baseboard Cover Coupler

The coupler is exactly what you need when you want to join two or more ATLAS XL panels together to create a run that is longer than 8 feet.

Let's say you have a 10ft section in your living room and you order 2 x 5ft sections plus a coupler. That's it and you are done! Just don't forget your endcaps!

  • Material - 16-gauge Aluminum

  • Finish - Durable Powder coat Semi-gloss Textured White finish

  • Eco-friendly - Made from Recycled Aluminum

  • Rust Free Guaranteed - We guarantee our covers will not rust for as long as you own them

  • Any length you need - Cover panels available in standard lengths from 2-8ft. Panels can be joined together using a Coupler piece for lengths over 8' 

   Accessories and end-caps are sold separately.

rust free guarantee eco friendly RoHS Compliant

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