Atlas XL

9"H x 3"D
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*Please note: All orders utilizing the Custom Slider Tool will utilize standard length panels cut to length and joined with couplers as needed. We do not manufacture custom length covers or ship covers greater than 8ft (96 inches). Custom baseboard cover panels and cut panels are non-refundable. Please double check your measurements before ordering.



The Atlas XL baseboard heater covers are made for the situations when your baseboard heater is taller than usual. With a height of 9 inches, Atlas XL features a squared edge along the top and bottom, and a textured, satin white finish. With Veil’s trademark venting perforation along the top, Atlas XL is sure to complement any modern interior design.


Remove existing front panel and end caps, slip cover over the remaining heating element.


Ideal for: hydronic baseboard heaters, hot water baseboard heaters. One size fits 95% of existing covers out there. To confirm you have the correct fit please review our measurement guide.


Durable powdercoat with a semi-gloss, textured white finish.


Our childproof, one-piece design ensure fingers and toys are kept away from the heating element.


Made of 16-gauge recycled aluminum.


Materials are sourced and manufacturing is based exclusively in North America.

Rust Free

We guarantee our covers will not rust for as long as you own them.


Missing the backplate? No problem. Our mounting brackets support the baseboard cover in cases where the original baseboard assembly has been completely removed from the wall.


Atlas Cover

Posted by Deb

Awesome, easy to install, looks great! We did a remodel in kitchen. The covers are beautiful. customer service great and fast delivery. I was skeptical to try and so excited that I did. Will buy again.


Atlas XL

Posted by Valerie Funderburg

My old baseboards from the 1950's were ugly, yellow and scratched. After reading reviews of different covers online and visiting big box stores to see their products which did not fit over my 9inch baseboards I decided to contact Veil. Their knowledgable staff answered my questions. I placed my first order. The installation was so easy. And even if you are a woman(as I am), I highly recommend you give these a try. The results were amazing and beautiful.


Finding this product was a lifesaver.

Posted by Linda

Finding this product was a lifesaver. Our baseboard heaters are of a non-standard size, and we thought we will be stuck with the old covers forever for this reason. This cover, however, fits them nicely and looks great. Problem solved!


Great find!

Posted by Benjamin

I couldn't believe it when I found this. It is really hard to find options for taller baseboard heater covers that I actually like.


Very good baseboard heater cover

Posted by Jane

This is definitely one of the better baseboard heater covers out there, especially for taller than standard sizes. Excellent quality and great look.


Just the perfect height.

Posted by Avery

This baseboard heater cover fits just right on my heaters. My heaters are older and taller, so it was really hard to find something that would give them a modern look without having to replace the entire system. Really glad I found this.


Finally got rid off the rust!

Posted by Michael

We have been trying to renew our old heaters for a long time, but it is really hard to find this size readily available without the need for custom orders. It came with the bonus of really easy installation.


Perfect product!

Posted by Jayden

This was exactly the perfect size for the baseboard heaters we have. It is also the perfect look!


Exactly what it claims to be.

Posted by Carter

It is elegant, sturdy and easy to install. Fits the taller baseboard heater covers perfectly.


Fabulous product.

Posted by Richard

I covered two pitted bathroom baseboards using this product. The installation was easy and took only 15 minutes per unit. I would never install a standard baseboard in a bathroom without this cover.

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