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*please note: custom baseboard products are non-refundable. please double check your measurements before ordering.


Veil’s replacement backplate is designed to take the place of a missing or damaged backplate. It is designed to offer support to the heating element and pipe, as well as act as a thermal shield between the heating element and the wall. The replacement backplates are easily installed with the provided screws and hardware.


Ensure that the previous backplate has been fully removed and any screws, nails or fasteners have also been removed. You should be starting with only the copper pipe and heating element present. Be sure that the replacement backplate is oriented properly. The top of the replacement backplate should leave a small gap between itself and the wall. Using the black screws provided (2 per foot), insert screws into horizontal openings on the backplate and secure using a drill or screwdriver. Place the provided L-brackets under the heating element (fins) as shown below and insert the provided black screws through the L-Bracket and into the vertical openings in the backplate. The L-brackets should be touching the underside of the element, providing support. Evenly place the provided L-brackets along the underside of the element for a uniform level of support. Check that the replacement backplate is secure and that the L-brackets are also secure.


For standard baseboard covers (Atlas, Titan, Demi): Let the backplate rest on the floor. The height is 7 1⁄2”, ideal for installing our standard baseboard covers. For Atlas XL baseboard covers: Leave a space of 2 1⁄4” inches between the bottom of the backplate and the floor, ensuring that the top of the backplate is 9 3⁄4” from the floor..




Made of 16-gauge recycled aluminum.


Materials are sourced and manufacturing is based exclusively in North America.

Rust Free

We guarantee our covers will not rust for as long as you own them.


Easily installed backplate

Posted by Stephanie C.

The backplate is hidden, easy to install and holds our Atlas covers securely. I am thrilled with the product and ease of installation.



Posted by Amy

Great, heavy duty replacement for our backplate that we had destroyed trying to take off.

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