How to Clean Baseboard Heaters and Covers

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 3rd

Why Clean Your Baseboard Heaters?

Household debris can cause obstructions in your baseboard heaters. This can affect the efficiency of your heaters, as well as your air quality in the home as small particles heat up and burn. As a preventative action, it is recommended that you clear your heaters of dust/dirt/debris annually.

How to Clean your Baseboard Heaters
1) Heater should be cooled completely prior to cleaning. Turn off heat, and allow for this to occur.
2) Baseboard heater cover should be completely removed.
3) All household dirt/hair/debris should be completely removed.
4) Remove large pieces of debris and vacuum the remaining dirt with brush-like attachments.
5) The fins can be (gently) cleaned with pressure steam cleaner. Please ensure you place towels under the area for floor protection.
6) Should any damage occur to the heater fins, utilize a household tool (putty knife or needle nose pliers) to carefully straighten the fins.
7) Clean heater cover prior to placing it back on the baseboard heater. A gentle wipe with a damp cloth will work.
8) Be sure your baseboard heater has maximum airflow and is free of any interfering objects or obstructions.
How to Clean your Baseboard Heater Covers

Thankfully, Veil’s baseboard heater covers are a breeze to clean. Just wipe off the dust with a slightly damp paper towel or rag, or use your favorite dust mitt to wipe away any debris visible on the covers (make sure your heaters are off, just like in step 1 of cleaning the heaters).

Run a vacuum underneath and around your heater just to make sure there is no debris hindering air flow around the heaters and, voila, your spring heater cleaning is done!

For details on keeping the area around your baseboard heaters clear and why, check out our articles on how baseboard heating works and baseboard heater safety.

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