Types of Baseboard Heaters

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 10th

How to Tell if You Have Hydronic or Electric Baseboard Heaters

After all this, you might be sitting here asking yourself, “Do I have electric or hydronic baseboard heaters?” There’s an easy, tool-free way to check. Answer these three questions:

Are there easily removable end caps on the sides?
Electric baseboard heaters do not have end caps that are easily removable. The entire unit is an electrical component and only the front plate comes off without tools.

Do you see a pipe (usually copper)?
If you remove the front panel and end caps on the sides (if you have them), and see a copper or iron pipe, you most likely have hydronic baseboard heaters.

Do you have a boiler?
If your heater is connected to a boiler, chances are, it’s a hot water heater.

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