What to do With Old Baseboard Heater Covers

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 24th

Out With the Old, In With the New

We’d like to start with congratulations, assuming you’re here because you’ve completed the measuring, ordering, unboxing and installation steps of your baseboard cover journey. Or perhaps, you’re just finalizing your research before you make the jump. Either way, we have good news for you: your old covers are (most likely) recyclable.

Finding a Recycling Company + Location

It might take a little bit of effort on your part, but the first step is to find a metal recycling company near you. Google is a huge help with this (try “metal recycling near me”).

More good news is that there’s a reward for your efforts, beyond the internal joy of helping keep the environment healthy: most scrap metal collectors pay for materials you’d like to contribute.

Usually, there is no minimum amount a scrap metal collector will purchase. If you’re willing to bring your covers there, the company is probably willing to purchase them. If you’re worried, call ahead to clear the type and amount of metal you’ll be bringing.

What If I Can’t Transport My Old Covers?

If you can’t transport your own baseboard covers to a local scrapyard, you can still find a scrap metal hauling company near you for pickup. The other option is calling a garbage company for bulky item pickup, but calling a scrap hauler keeps your old covers from rotting in a landfill.

Reduced. Reused. Recycled.

Veil’s aluminum baseboard covers are made entirely from recycled aluminum so, who knows? Maybe your old, spent baseboard heater covers will find a new, fulfilling life as aesthetically pleasing baseboard covers in someone else’s next renovation project. We like to think so.

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