Echo - endcap (closed left) - Veil Baseboard Covers

Echo - endcap (closed left)

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Echo Baseboard Cover - endcap (closed left)

This is the endcap that you will need if you have no obstructions on the left end of your baseboard heater. Just snap it in place and you are done. 

  • Material - 16-gauge Aluminum

  • Finish - Durable Powder coat Semi-gloss Textured White finish

  • Childproof - One-piece design ensures small fingers and toys are kept away from the heating element

  • Eco-friendly - Made from Recycled Aluminum

  • Rust Free Guaranteed - We guarantee our covers will not rust for as long as you own them

  Accessories and end-caps are sold separately.

rust free guarantee eco friendly RoHS Compliant