What to do With Old Baseboard Heater Covers

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 24th

Out With the Old, In With the New We’d like to start with congratulations, assuming you’re here because you’ve completed the measuring, ordering, unboxing and installation steps of your baseboard … read more

Types of Baseboard Heaters

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 10th

How to Tell if You Have Hydronic or Electric Baseboard Heaters After all this, you might be sitting here asking yourself, “Do I have electric or hydronic baseboard heaters?” There’s an easy, tool … read more

How to Clean Baseboard Heaters and Covers

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 3rd

Why Clean Your Baseboard Heaters? Household debris can cause obstructions in your baseboard heaters. This can affect the efficiency of your heaters, as well as your air quality in the home as small … read more

How Do I Make My Baseboard Heaters Safer?

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Sep 28th

Are Baseboard Heaters Safe? Yes, baseboard heaters are generally safe, but can benefit from an option to make them slightly safer. Electric baseboard heaters are well known for having several safet … read more

How Does Baseboard Heating Work?

Posted by Johnny on 2022 Sep 12th

The Science of Baseboard Heating In homes and commercial settings alike, heating a room is often done by way of a baseboard heater. Baseboard heaters work by warming up the metal “fins” along the … read more
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